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Vijay Mallya's twitter account hacked

Vijay Mallyas twitter account hacked

New Delhi: The official twitter handler of controversial liquor baron Vijay Mallya appeared to be hacked on Friday morning.

A series of abusive and embarrassing tweets were sent out to over 5.51 million followers by a cracker group or individual named 'Legion'.

A group by the same name few days back hacked the twitter handler of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

"My account has been hacked by some one called Legion who are tweeting now in my name. Simply ignore. Will fix this," Mallya tweeted in between the tweets by the Legion.

"Outfit called Legion has hacked my e-mail accounts and are blackmailing me!! What a joke," Mallya tweeted.

Proclaiming to be a vigilante, the crackers in a series of tweets claimed account details, address and phone numbers of Mallya.

"Hello. We are back with -- Vijay mallya's assets at several banks. All known passwords of Mr. Mallya," Legion tweeted from Mallya's account.

They urged for public support claiming that they will be doing more such cracking in the coming weeks.

"People and brothers who support the cause - Join us! Email us at We require info on f***tards like this one!" a tweet said.

"Support Legion. We will bring you the info needed to bring these criminals to justice!" it said.

"This is just a partial dump. More data will be coming over the course of a few days ;) We are Legion. Do not fuck with us," another tweet said.

The tweets revolved around various account details of the liquor baron.

"The bank accounts, assets, passports, offshore investments of Mallya can be found at --," said another tweet with a link.

"We shall bring you more about this fraudster and conman over the course of the next few weeks. Slowly watch this bitch die as we expose him!," the group said.

The crackers claimed they will release a list of all documents pertaining to Mallya over the course of few days.

"More info on Mallya's bank accounts and foreign assets will be published as the investigation is completed in some other matters," it said.

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