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Inernal Rift within Sangh Parivar


Lucknow: Among the major events that occurred in the month of December in Uttar Pradesh, the murder of Inspector Subodh Singh in Bulandshahr gave rise to an uproar even in the Rajya Sabha. And the conspiracy to incite a riot was unsuccessful. In the meantime the supporters of Yogi Adityanath began agitating and sloganeering “ Modi Hatao aur Yogi lao” which created a ruckus within the BJP that came out for public view as well. This frustration within the BJP came out more in the open when the party faced a humiliating defeat in three states in the recent elections. And in this month another murder in broad day light came into focus when a girl student of class X of Agra, Sanjali was burnt  alive, after which the mob became violent.  And after the Narender Modi meeting,  the mob became more violent and lynched a police constable resulting in his death.

Demand for removal of Modi and making Yogi the PM:

After facing defeat in 3 states, anger against Modi seems to be rising within the party. Youth activists and the Navnirman Sena are creating a stir opposing Modi. Their president Amit Agarwal from Meerut (UP) also known as Amit Jani was in the news of late for creating and displaying hoardings of “ Modi Hatao, Yogi lao” (Remove Modi, bring Yogi) which were immediately removed and a case booked against Amit Agarwal. Subsequently he and two of his supporters were arrested and sent to jail.

Another hoarding in Agra has also created a huge controversy. This hoarding shows Yogi as an incarnation of “Avatar of  Kalyug”. But again this hoarding was removed and a case booked against Amit Jani.

Amit Jani puts the reason for his anger as, “I am a pure Hinduvadi and Hindutva is inmy blood. In 2004, BJP had lost its confidence and Atalji was out of politics and the faith of Hindus was shaken. The Congress ruled for 10 years and Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister in Gujarat for these 10 years.  And Modi was believed to be the right person to keep the flag of Hindutva flying high which even Atalji could not do.  Atalji could not even build the Ram Temple at Ayodhya. When asked, he always lamented that in order to talk about Article 370, we should be 270 but we are only 180. How can we talk about Article 370?" Meaning that the BJP did not have the mandate to make any amendment  to Article 370 as their representation in the parliament was only 180.

So the next time the people voted wholeheartedly for BJP so they can have the madate to make the desired amendments and build the Ram Mandir.

And no law was passed either for the protection of cows thus putting the onus on the people to protect the cows.  And the Prime Minister termed the Gorakshaks as “Goondas” (thugs, criminals). Modi was brought from Gujarat and made the Prime Minister so that he will work for the cause of Hindutva. But Modi has not kept any of his commitments. Therefore it is best that he quit?

Change in the Bhim Army’s stance

After the heart-wrenching incident of Anajali being burnt alive, Sri Chandrashekar Azad, the supremo of the Bhim Army was the first person to arrive on the spot and it was his powerful presence and demand for justice that stirred the ruling party quickly into some action.

Police force has been deployed at the place of religious importance , Shukratal Hanuman Dhaam at Muzaffarnagar after Chandrashekhar Azad warned that Dalits would  take over the temple.

The reason was that after the elections in Rajasthan, Yogi Adityanath called Hanuman a Dalit whereupon the Bhim Army Supremo Azad declared that Dalits will henceforth take over all the Hanuman temples in the country. Fearing this, the upper caste community sought police protection for the Shukratal Hanuman Dham.

Chndrashekhar Azad has blown the bugle to declare that he is going to fight for the youth who were arrested for responding to the call for Bandh on 2 April. On 1 December he was not granted permission to conduct the Bhim army meeting. Earlier in November Azad had conducted meetings in Gwalior, Bijnor and Patna that were a huge success drawing large crowds.

He is now planning another rally in Agra. The three rallies had large gatherings and were named Dalit-Muslim Unity Rallies.

After his release from prison in the month of September, Chandrashekhar Azad had declared a war against the Manu-vadis and vowed to protect the constitution. He had also visited  Ayodhya where he assured the minorities that the nation will be ruled by the constitution and not by the whims and fancies of any Hindutva group.

His activities in the last two months have gathered speed and support that has left his opponents bewildered.

Sanjali’s murder case resolved but kith and kin refuse to believe the police; Bhim Army demands CBI probe

Agra Police have now claimed to have solved the case of the gruesome murder of Sanjali. The Dalits all over the country had decided to march out in protest on 25 December and on the same day, SSP Amit Pathak called for a press meet wherein he announced that the murder case of Sanjali was solved.  He produced two youth before the press and said these two were responsible for the heinous crime of murdering Sanjali and the master mind Yogesh was dead.  Yogesh was said to be in a one sided love affair with Sanjali.  And when Sanjali rejected him he set her ablaze to avenge himself.  And these two youth,  Akash and Vijay had helped him.  Now these two were arrested. Thus the SSP gave out the details to the press and showed some evidence to corroborate his statement.

According to the Captain of Police, the data from Yogesh’s mobile phone was recovered which provided the entire details of the way the murder was planned and carried out.  Yogesh was Sanjali’s cousin ( Father’s elder brother’s son) while the other two boys were also her relatives.

On the 18 December,  15-year old Sanjali was returning from school in the afternoon around 1.30 in Lalau village which is 14 kilimeters from Agra when she was doused with petrol and set afire. 

On that day the DGP of Agra Omprakash had reviewed and applauded the law and order system in Agra. After this,  questioning the police was inevitable. And this put the police of Agra in a spot.

The police had summoned Yogesh for interrogation after which due to distress Yogesh committed suicide.

Even Bhim Army Supremo Chandrashekha Azad had met the beraved family and had planned the protest which was later called off after the police resolved the case.   Even the Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma visited Sanjali’s family.

In a population of approximately 2 lakhs , Jats and Jatavs are of equal number but after this incident communal tensions are spreading in the village.

Police personnel killed by a mob in UP

Prime Minister conducted a rally in Ghazipur and there the members of Nishad Party had also gathered to demand their rights. The police resorted to lathi charge to control the crowd and the large crowd attacked the police;  in the process a police constable Suresh Vats was killed.

After Modi’s rally and the subsequent death of the policeman due to stone pelting, his son Vineet questions the security arrangements in the city. He asks, “ When the police cannot protect their own men, how can we expect them to protect us?”

When the Chief Minister offered compensation of Rs. 50 lakhs, he said, “ What good is the money when our father is no longer with us?”

Within a span of 28 days this is the second death of police personnel at the hands of mobs.  On 3 December Subodh Kumar was shot to death in Bulandshahar.

Suresh Vats hailed from Lachipur in Pratabgarh district and was stationed in Karimuddinppur Police Station.

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