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COVID: Say no to too much anxiety
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COVID: Say no to too much anxiety


As the pandemic Covid-19 has become a global menace and suddenly shaken our lives, it is quite natural for our society to be influenced by fear and anxiety. However, when such human emotions and thoughts are overwhelmed, it can adversely affect life. Although non-Covid diseases have become relatively rare, the crises caused by the pandemic and lockdown have led to a large increase in the rate of mental health problems. Individuals today face a variety of problems related to this.

Prolonged lockdowns can lead to loneliness, occupational crisis, financial insecurity, worrying news, and uncertainty about 'when is life going to get normal?'. It can also complicate the disease in people currently being treated for mental health problems. In addition, a group of mentally disabled individuals in the community seeks medical help because they cannot cope with severe stress and anxiety about the future. Others endure severe stress without even approaching doctors because of their fear to step out.

In the flood of news from social media, scientific and unscientific information is being brought into the hands of individuals daily. Unable to discern right from wrong, many are unnecessarily over-taken by the fear of false stories. Even responsible newspapers and channels often bring scary news and images to the attention of the public. It may be that it is a relevant news event, and it probably does not adversely affect vulnerable individuals, including readers and audiences.

Fear and anxiety that Covid might affect him/her or their family, sudden waking up from sleep out of fear, fear to step out of the house or even to go down to the yard, panicking if someone nearby sneezes or coughs, being terrified of touching postal mail or items delivered for days, wearing a mask indoors even if no one is sick at home, sanitizing your hands even when you leave the room and trying to disinfect the vegetables and fruits - many people push through life with these unnatural traits. In addition, many patients who are currently being treated do not take the medication they need to take regularly because they have no money and cannot travel. Naturally, the diseases are likely to become severe in these people.

When anxiety becomes a disorder

Small levels of anxiety are good for the smooth life of individuals. Because of such moderate anxiety about accidents, diseases, and adverse events, individuals can survive such conditions without danger. Students study well because they are anxious about the exam. Anxiety about being hit by a vehicle causes us to look at both sides of the road carefully before crossing. However, if this anxiety exceeds a certain limit, it should be well treated.

Symptoms of anxiety are more or less the same in most people. For some, it will be a trigger to do anything and to any extent. Others may be unable to do anything due to unnecessary thoughts. Anxiety, in general, can cause a person to have a variety of symptoms, such as increased heart rate, bloating, fatigue, excessive sweating, and a strong feeling that something is going wrong. During this time, there may be symptoms similar to heart attacks, such as shortness of breath and chest pain. Others even think of committing suicide, fearing that their future will become unbearable.

Anxieties that time creates

The number of people experiencing such problems increases in this situation where the Covid period is prolonged, and they have to face continuous lockdowns. In general, humans always have a small percentage of fear of death. Although its rate increases with age, many people have become increasingly concerned about the death in recent years.

This is a time of great concern for those working abroad and their relatives at home. While their family worries about getting sick, getting good treatment or having someone take care of them, the expatriates worry and are anxious about hearing the news from home. Will anything happen to the relatives? What if I have to return home soon? They are haunted by worries like whether they will get a flight home or not. Everyone is anxious about his children's education, future, marriage, agriculture and business.

Let's face it with hope

Very effective treatment is currently available for all types of anxiety disorders. But you can try effective methods yourself to not increase the level of your anxiety. The first thing to do is to fill your mind with optimistic thoughts. When we hear that 1,000 people are affected by Covid, try to think about the millions in our country who are not affected. Think about the scientists and experts from around the world working hard and making progress in finding a cure for this.

It is a scientifically proven fact that we can not be infected with this disease if we wear a mask, maintain social distance and disinfect our hands and body parts if they come in contact with anything or anybody. Therefore, adopt scientific methods and follow the advice of only experts. Make sure you stay away from fake news on social media. Follow only the doctor's instructions and do not go after counterfeit medicines that are being spread in the name of boosting the immune system.

Let's create immunity ourselves

A balanced diet rich in nutrients, exercise, adequate sleep, mental relaxation, yoga and prayer can boost the body's immune system. Also, avoid alcohol, smoking, other intoxicants, fast food and cola. The vaccines currently available are highly effective, so make sure that you are vaccinated as soon as possible.

(The writer is a mental health expert in Kozhikode and the author of several books on psychiatry)

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