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Why the outcry after installing Apps?
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Why the outcry after installing Apps?


The news that has been discussed on social media for the last few days is that, messages through WhatsApp are not secure. However, the same news had been a discussion some time ago. Even then, social media issues took on a similarly newsworthy significance. The discussion at the time, however, was that WhatsApp had been acquired by Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, and that WhatsApp and Facebook were linked. For a long time, social media has been the subject of much criticism and discussion as to whether WhatsApp messages will be insecure. Many turned to other means.

WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging platform owned by Facebook, has been partially shut down. WhatsApp users were unable to send or receive voice messages, pictures, videos, gifs and stickers. But sending text messages and making video calls was no problem. Complaints have been raised in many places that there are problems when trying to download media files on WhatsApp. The problem is thought to be a server crash. However, no official explanation has been received so far. Anyways, the issue on WhatsApp has been a big discussion on social media. WhatsApp has been down in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and European countries. Users pointed out in Twitter that there are technical glitches in the use of certain features on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Down became a global trending topic within minutes. And then, the problem was solved in the evening.

However, neither WhatsApp nor its parent company, Facebook, has yet announced why WhatsApp went down. This was not the first time WhatsApp services have been disrupted. According to the studies of Top10 VPN, WhatsApp was the most disabled app last year. In 2019, the app was down for 6.236 hours.

WhatsApp has over 40 crore users in India. WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging system in India. Facebook is used daily by over 500 million people worldwide. Indians are also the leading WhatsApp users in the world.

Frequent such issues and insecure discussions are causing a lot of panic among the people. One thing to note, more difficulties can be avoided: Private matters are not safe on any social media apps. We must realize that inbox chats on social media apps like Facebook are not safe even if we delete them. This is because applications are the way everything can be stored in the server. From the beginning, many people thought that WhatsApp was safe, but the fact that the Facebook owner bought WhatsApp and linked the two raised a lot of doubts among the people. But now WhatsApp has released itself that messages will not be safe. Do we carefully read and accept the questions that come up when downloading apps?

Questions come up when you download any application. They are making their case through it. No one will apply for or use electricity if they have read all the instructions on KSEB while taking connection. Because the rules are like that. Such are the agreements of the apps. We acknowledge their logic and rules by pressing the Agree/ Accept buttons. Are they taking our data? If so, for how much of it? What will they do if this data?

The answer is that they can change their decisions anyway, because our consent is in their hands. We have already given it to them as an agreement. So we have nothing more to do. It's great to see that at least a few of us are aware of the changes taking place on social media, such as WhatsApp's making a difference and affecting privacy. It is also interesting that this consciousness, is fear.

The gadgets we use, whether mobile or computer, also have a right to leak anything from the apps we agree to give them. Later, things do not stop by yelling that our secrets are being leaked.We cry after the head is pressed against the board in front of their sword. We can only hope that people will become more aware by the grievances of a few who cry out for the loss of privacy.

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