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Beware of the deadly poison in society

Kalamassery Blast

The Kerala Police have registered a case against those who spread hate propaganda in connection with the blast that took place during the meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses in Kalamassery. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, BJP National Spokesperson Anil Antony, Janam TV, and more are among the over 25 people and organisations who have been accused of spreading the poison of communal violence in society in varying degrees. Although hate speech has not been uncommon in the country for some time, this may be the first time that it has been prosecuted on such a large scale. If the action of the Kerala Police is due to the realisation of the scope of danger in the widespread attempt to spread division in society, it is welcome. Otherwise, if it's just a knee-jerk reaction, it's sure to be a line drawn in the water. This doubt is not for nothing. The soldier and his friend who tried to become martyrs by writing the name of a banned organisation on their backs 'in order to become famous' were detained by the police the very next day. And what happened? The government lawyer was absent when the case came to court and the foot soldier of hate was comfortably out on bail which led to the spreading of hatred and false narratives nationally against Kerala and its Muslim minority. It cannot be overlooked that even when complaints are raised against the measures to divide the mind and soil of Kerala, the police's refusal to take prompt action is an encouragement to the hate mongers. It has also become common practice to file a case also against those who have criticised the hate campaigners as a 'balancing' measure.

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Fascists are trying to spark a communal riot in Kerala by spreading rumours and using misleading videos. A video of students from Kumbala blocking a bus as part of their efforts to demand a bus stop was used to create the false narrative that people from non-Muslim communities cannot walk around in Kerala without wearing a burqa. This was done by Anil Antony and it has come become a mission for those like him and a host of offline and online media on the payroll of Sangh Parivar to create hate and facilitate fascists to create discord in society . The Chief Minister has succinctly highlighted the motive of the BJP union minister who is also a channel owner. But it is a bit too bad that the mainstream media and media pundits who pretend to be neutral are joining hands with them. Certain public reactions and media stances following the Kalamassery blast have revealed that those who are trying to make gains by creating friction among Malayalis and dividing the people are like wolves eager to drink the blood of goats made to fight against each other. A national media headline the day after the blast said there was a twist in the blast and no 'terror link'. What are the eligibility criteria they have prescribed for the terror link? How did their 'expectations' go wrong when it was revealed that a man named Martin, who was with Jehovah's Witnesses, had carried out an explosion?

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Kerala just celebrated its 67th birthday but each new development is demanding vigilance from its people. The jealousy and anger Sangh Parivar has towards Malayalis and our lifestyle are not new. It is unbearable for them to witness that people of different religions live harmoniously in the same area and sit next to each other in school. They will constantly try to undermine that brotherhood and tolerance with new ideas and weapons produced in the laboratory of hate. Since the birth of Kerala in 1956, Keralites have faced many trials. In recent years, the people of the state have successfully faced floods, Nipah, and COVID-19 side by side. Together they overcome all attempts at division. However, with each passing day, efforts to put a price on our peaceful lives are increasing. The people must stand together to overcome them. There are many people who are waiting to destroy the peace of Kerala where people of different religions live like brothers. They keep trying to weaponise each and every word, sentence, or individual themselves. Therefore, caution must be exercised everywhere and by everyone so that no word or expression is misused.

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