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The new peace treaty between Saudi Arabia and Iran paves the way for a fundamental shift in equations. That is why world nations and movements including the United Nations have welcomed the decision of both countries to set aside their differences and advance toward peace through dialogue and diplomatic relations. Given that only Israel and other far-right movements have openly expressed their displeasure with the agreement, this peace move is arguably extremely historic. Following the agreement between the Saudi and Iranian leaderships at the initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the agreement was finalised during talks held in Beijing from March 6 to 10. However, Iraq and Oman took the lead and began peace negotiations before China's mediation. Their comments suggest that since then, the leaders of both nations have had a change of heart. The first stage of events came to a successful conclusion thanks to China's exact and successful intervention in this favourable political environment. According to the agreement, diplomatic relations between the two countries will be restored within two months. For this, the closed embassies of both countries will be reopened. Ahead of that, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran will meet. In addition, the 2001 security cooperation will be restored; It has also been agreed to implement the agreement formed in 1998 regarding cooperation in the fields of economy, commerce, culture, sports, science and technology.

In 2016, protests in Iran following the death sentence of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a Shia scholar in Saudi Arabia, and related developments led to the severing of diplomatic ties between the two countries, but even before that, the smoke of tension between the two groups was in the air. The most recent example is Saudi and Iranian involvement in Yemen's civil war, and the ensuing unease. Saudi Arabia has frequently accused Iran of supporting the Houthis. Even though there were no direct confrontations back then there was still discontent between them. The ice has thawed for a rivalry that has lasted at least four decades. Both sides have truly paid a price in this so-called "Cold War," which began in 1980 with Iran's invasion of Iraq. West Asia became tense as a result during the same period. In other words, the only outcomes of this "shadow war" were the exploits and invasion of the imperialist powers. It can be seen that Saudi Arabia and Iran have entered into a new peace agreement by sending a clear statement that such a costly error will not be repeated. This treaty sends a clear message to the world that the time-honoured strategies of the United States and Europe to seize power and wealth by intervening in the internal affairs of nations, carrying out military invasions when the opportunity arises will no longer be effective, and that a new political order through an alternative campaign of confidence in its own strength and existence is not impossible.

Another aspect of this deal that needs to be emphasized is China's intervention in West Asia. Some people view this as evidence of a shifting world order. We can see from a number of instances that America's dominance is beginning to decline worldwide as well as in West Asia. America is collapsing in the worldwide economic recession. Europe's strength, another powerhouse, has also been depleted. Attempts at 'political reform,' such as Brexit and neo-Nazi impunity, are destroying Europe as a whole. China, which has entered the arena to replace these two parties that had significant power in the West, is already attempting to establish a new world order. This has begun to be reflected in the financial, commercial, scientific, and technological sectors. Meanwhile, this is a strategic move. This opens the way to a new economic alliance. The people of the globe want this door to open to a new path of peace.

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