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Israels move to take Al-Aqsa Mosque

It was nothing surprising when Israel police's use of force on the thousands of Palestinian Muslim devotees, who turned up for the dawn prayers last Friday in the historic Masjid Al-Aqsa in east Jerusalem, invited wide protests and concerns. The attack came when Palestinian residents were already evacuated by force under the armed protection of Israeli security forces, and Jewish settlers, triggering strong defence and protests. It was in this background that the substantial Jewish army rammed into Masjid Al-Aqsa, which the Muslims consider their holiest place of worship, after Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah and Masjidunnabawi in Medinah. In the military operation by the Jewish forces who took position inside the mosque much ahead of the arrival of thousands of worshippers on the Friday in Ramadan, at least 150 Palestinians were seriously injured, according to reports. They were taken to hospitals in ambulances of the Palestine Red Crescent. Since the beginning of Ramadan, this is the third time that Israel security forces crash into the Al-Aqsa mosque. Eyewitnesses say that they had taken position in the mosque and atop neighbouring buildings. The sacred spot of Jews which they call 'Temple Mount" is also in the same area of the mosque. Certain extreme Jewish groups had already declared that they would arrive with sacrificial animals to mark their sacred day. The Israeli version is that they had to shoot at Palestinians because they encroached into the 'Wailing Wall' outside the wall near the mosque.

As a matter of fact, the Muslim-Christian residents of Jerusalem, which Israel annexed from Jordan in the 1967 war, were forced to live confined to an area of a few square kilometers. And that was in flagrant violation of the Camp David and Oslo agreements reached between the two sides. And the Arab Muslim population, destined to squeeze themselves in a stretch of just 13 kilometers, often were denied permission to even attend the Friday prayer in Aqsa mosque. Israeli authorities used to keep the mosque door shut on several Fridays. And it was when the gates were opened during the holy month of Ramadan that the bloody events unfolded. The Jewish groups gatecrashed into the mosque claiming that they had the right to hold the animal sacrifice on the premises of the Temple on the Mount which Jews consider sacred.

As per reports, when Palestinians offered the natural resistance, the rampage by Israeli security forces happened. Jordan, which is a party to a peace deal with Israel, has protested at the provocative act of Israel. Egypt, which has signed a covenant of virtual submission with the Jewish nation, Turkey which even earlier had established diplomatic relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia which seeks peace and the Arab League comprising all the Arab countries have all registered their concern about the incident - a clear indication that the matter was unusually serious. The very forced rehabilitation of Jews in the Palestinian land 1948, who were mobilised including those expelled from Germany, the land that belonged to native Arabs, and building the foundation of the Jewish state, was an act of stark iniquity of modern times. And the actions of Israel and the world powers that protect it have only been aggravating that injustice. The UN, which had given the green signal for this entirely unjust annexation did pass several resolutions, none of which has ever been honounred by Israel. It has a record of only flagrantly violating the peace deals it had signed. Most recently, the world is witnessing an atrocious picture wherein Israel openly rejected the peace deals signed with Arab-Muslim countries with the blessings of America and other big powers, and then expanded its territorial borders each passing day, causing massive eviction of the native Palestinian population and making them homeless. An arrogance has gripped Israel that whatever it does there with impunity, there is no one to question it. When Zionists have the confidence that even if a resolution with a mild condemnation of its actions is moved in UN Security Council, there is the US, Britain or France to veto it, then who should it be afraid of!

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