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Online experiments of Israeli aggression

Online experiments of Israeli aggression

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Israel is a country that is experimenting and innovating in 'occupational' terrorism. One of the characteristics of the Zionist state is that atrocities against the Palestinians remain unchanged regardless of regime changes. What they are doing is not only placing an illegally allotted state in the bosom of the sovereignty of others, but also pushing the Palestinians into the mercy of the Arabs like the proverbial camel which crept into the Arab's tent ejecting him. All international laws and conventions are blown to smithereens to extend the occupation to their dream land. Part of this is the continued illegal colonization of occupied Palestine. Not only have they not retreated an inch from the land they have occupied to this day, but they are increasing the extent of their occupation again and again. It is finally preparing to extend this aggression to the virtual world. With the introduction of the 'Facebook Bill', Israel is trying to prevent the world from getting content that is not beneficial for the Israeli state.

Although the bill is in the name of Facebook, the new law is designed to keep all media outlets, including Google, Twitter and Instagram, under the tight control of the the Zionist state. State control over user registration and even pay wall systems is possible. As a result, Israel can block any content on the Internet that the Israeli state deems harmful. The bill they have been considering for the past five years was almost certain to pass in 2018. But then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held it back. Netanyahu backtracked on fears that a law that would completely curtail freedom of expression and blanket the media in silence could later backfire. Netanyahu's concern over the bill introduced by his political opponent, Gideon Tsar, stemmed from fears that his opponents would use the Palestinian law to silence him. Now that Netanyahu has been replaced by the New Right Party and Gideon has become Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister, the old bill has been dusted off and approved by the Cabinet. Civil rights activists say Netanyahu's resignation is proof enough that unheard-of atrocities are being committed in a democracy. The law states that a judge who finds merit in a plaintiff's complaint has the power to order the removal of the content online. Since borders are not applicable for online media, the scope of the complaint is not clear. However, there is meit in the criticism that this could lead to total anarchy.

Israel is committed to preventing the voice of the Palestinians from being heard by the world. The government had begun practical moves after Gideon introduced the Facebook Bill in 2016. That year, Israel's cyber unit submitted an application to social media outlets to remove 2421 topics raising awareness on Palestinian issues. It has been steadily increasing and reached 20,000 by the end of last year. Israel and Facebook reached an agreement in September 2016 to silence Palestinians and their allies fighting for freedom and justice. Based on that, the content already posted by Palestinians is being cut and some are being omitted altogether. Facebook 'kills' content that exposes human rights issues in Israel and Palestine. The same is true for the Israeli social media occupation, which justifies any form of violence in the name of national security. In this regard, social media outlets are showing excessive loyalty to Israel, the reason being that they too are also interested in the racist agenda against the Palestinians. Therefore, the current surveillance and censorship of Palestinian news and views will only intensify. It was Israel that developed the cyber-spy network Pegasus, which targeted critics and political opponents under hegemonic surveillance to the powers that be and allowed them to carry out massacres and annihilations of their respective political opponents. It has been abused in many countries, including India and has long been used by Israel to weaken the fight against the Palestinian occupation. It is only a matter of time before India, which is trying to emulate Israel in every way including social media gagging, begins to submit to the shameless practice of human rights abuses which Israel has researched and perfected in their laboratory that is Palestine.

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