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Awareness creation should not be limited to Shraddha

It was an awful crime. A man named Aftab Poonawala is currently being investigated by the police in the case of brutally murdering his 27-year-old partner Shraddha Walker, dismembering her body parts, disposing of them in various locations, and trying to destroy the evidence. The media is more vigilant and attentive in the matter than the official investigative teams. On social media, the religious identity of the accused is mentioned and calls are being made to awaken the public conscience against the murder. Even though the media and the public remain so vigilant, many similar murders are taking place across the country. Young women are killed and the accused are close relatives. But none of those events receives much media attention. The call for public conscience to rise is not heard.

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Earlier this month, a case was reported in Chengalpattu, Chennai. A woman named Sudhamathi was killed by her husband Ranjit Kumar after he got angry over her talking to a friend on the phone for too long. The accused was caught while trying to destroy the evidence by cremating the dead body immediately. The police are investigating the case. The media does not complain much about this case. It could be because killing a wife (partner) belonging to the same caste and religion is not seen as unusual. 'Sanskari' groups do not preach to protect daughters from murderous partners. In the 21st of this month, the police arrested a young man in Azamgarh, UP in the case of murdering his ex-girlfriend. It is also alleged that after the murder, he tried to destroy the evidence by cutting the body into parts and disposing of it in a pond. He is also accused of throwing the head in a well. According to the police, Prince Yadav became angry and was provoked to commit the crime when Aradhana Prajapati married another man.

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The body of a student named Ayushi Chaudhary was found abandoned in a suitcase near the expressway in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. The police have found that this is an honor killing by Nitesh Yadav's father for defaming the family by marrying a youth belonging to a different caste. In Mainpuri, UP a woman was shot dead and the accused has been identified as Kuldeep Singh Yadav. Wh5 provoked him to commit the murder was his ex-lover marrying someone else. Fingers are not enough to count the number of murders related to failed affairs and marriages that have taken place in Kerala recently.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, 1566 murders that took place in India in 2021 are linked to amorous relationships. Most of the victims were women. It is clear from this that, knowingly or unknowingly, there is an increase in a noxious state of mind in society. This state of mind poisons all family relationships and friendships and makes you stab and shoot at the heart that was dearest until a few moments ago. If isolated murders in the past were symptomatic, then it should be understood that the disease has spread in society, especially among the male community, with frequent recurrences. Parents, guardians, and elders should have the same zeal and diligence in raising boys to become good human beings as they do in correcting and mentoring daughters. Attempts to awaken public conscience and raise awareness based on the religious identity of the accused amounts to pretending not to see a big disaster that is developing and growing in the country.

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