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The America that cannot control internal terrorism

The America that cannot control internal terrorism

White racists are still murderous in America. They are obtaining weapons from gun dealers who are trying to expand their business. The government is also seen to be protecting them by maintaining the constitution. Ten people were critically injured and ten individuals lost their lives in a racial attack by an elderly man last Sunday in Los Angeles. The gunman targeted visitors to Monterey Park who had come to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The shooting occurred before the country had fully recovered from the Texas school shooting that left 21 people dead. Police chased 72-year-old Hu Can Tran, who is believed to be the assailant, but he shot himself before he could be caught. In just one month, there have been five similar attacks in the United States. There were 647 mass shootings in the US last year alone. (America continues to refer to such atrocities in its nation as mass shootings rather than acts of terrorism. When four or more persons are killed, it is called a mass shooting). According to the United States itself, between 1968 and 2017, the number of people killed by gun-wielding terrorists in the country crossed 15 lahks. This figure exceeds the number of soldiers killed in all conflicts since the 1775 War of Independence. In 2020, 45,222 people were killed by firearms in the United States, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of these, 54 per cent (24,292) were suicides and 43 per cent (19,384) were murders. The rest were unintentional (535), law enforcement (611) related and unknown (400). The majority of the country's rising annual suicides involves guns. It is to be noted that the United States of America is leading the global campaign against terrorism. Their stated strategy is to intervene and fight wherever democracy is in danger in order to fix it. It is a sad irony that the United States, which has taken it upon itself as a mission to eradicate terrorism from the entire planet, has not yet been able to control domestic terrorism and terrorist acts within the country. Moreover, the United States is one of only three countries in the world (Mexico and Guatemala being the other two) to make gun ownership a constitutional right for citizens.

After the 1970s, the number of gun-shot deaths in the United States exceeded 45,000, and the following year saw a 60 per cent increase in gun production. Along with alcohol and tobacco, firearms and explosives are controlled by the US Federal Bureau of Control. Mexico and Guatemala consider firearms a constitutional right, but put the right to life above that, and have introduced a variety of restrictive measures. But America is still debating whether or not to regulate guns. As a result, the gun industry is flourishing. Additionally, its use has expanded, and the nation has turned into a haven for terrorists using firearms. When its citizens are being killed in such a manner, America is still afraid to change the outdated law that states that guns are a birthright. President Joe Biden has started the debate on gun control legislation in the wake of the atrocities that occurred in Colorado, South Carolina, and Texas last year. In March 2021, the House of Representatives passed legislation to regulate unlicensed and private vendors and impose stricter regulations on licensed vendors, but it is still stalled in the Senate. With 80 per cent of Republicans and 19 per cent of Democrats opposed to gun control, it doesn't look like the United States will be moving in this direction anytime soon. The American method is to portray itself as a country that values modernity, liberal freedom, and human rights while placing everyone else on the other side and demonising them as dangerous, uncivilised, and terrorists; and then they would attempt to reform them. The frequent terrorist shootings in the US expose how dangerously primitive and brutal this global imperial power is. How can those who are unable to secure their own country against internal terrorism lead the army to provide security for the whole world?

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