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Vladimir Putin has arrived in Belarus in order to make its ally an active partner in the Ukraine war began in February 2022. The war has reached nowhere near achieving its goal, despite Russia having dispatched 1.5 million troops to the neighbouring country. Putin's illusion of either annexing Ukraine, which was a part of old Russia, or bring it under its control has proved futile even after nine months of efforts. At the time of going to the war, Russia linked it to the fear of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO. But in effect the events have resulted in Ukraine becoming a part of the NATO military alliance led by the United States.

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American Army General Mark Milley says that more than 200,000 soldiers have already died on both sides in this unjustified massacre. The number of civilians killed in Ukraine, according to a UN agency, is 6,826 as of December 18, 2022, but the actual number is likely to be higher. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights also revealed that 10,769 people have been injured. Between one and a half to three million Ukrainians have ended up as refugees in neighboring countries, with most of them in Poland, according to Milley. Even these figures come after the formal war began on February 24. But tensions and conflicts between Russia and Ukraine have started way back since April 2014. As of December 2021, at least 14,400 people including both soldiers and civilians have been killed. There is more to it than the war between Russian and Ukraine causing terrible loss of lives. Both the countries were part of former Soviet Union for three-quarters of a century. The problem goes beyond the humanitarian disaster created by the influx of refugees. Thousands of Indian and non-Indian students, pursuing medical education in Ukraine, somehow managed to escape at the cost of their disrupted studies. No way is yet open to them for further study. Also, the export of essential goods from Russia and Ukraine has been stopped. This has led to price rise in India and Western Europe and other countries. No diplomatic action happening at the global level to end the bloodshed suggests the general failure of the world. It has to do with superpowers and other UN member states profiteering from the situation like somebody pulling rafts from a burning barn.

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Obviously, NATO's move is to crush Russia inch by inch by supplying weapons and military equipment to Ukraine. On the other hand, profiteers like China side with Putin's evil desire to destroy Ukraine. No peace-restoring efforts are evidently happening on the part of countries like India that stand in the middle. Some countries are taking advantage of the helpless Russia selling oil at a lower price. Iran is siding with Russia on its national interest as it is struggling with sanctions from US. Meanwhile, Russia is trying to devastate Ukraine's livelihoods with a series of drone strikes. Saying less is better when it comes to brutality of Russia’s bombing of Ukraine’s power generation sources and leaving people including children to die in this extreme cold. Humanity has never been the concern of imperialism. Forgetting everything in the game of football is the salvation for the new civilization.

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