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Ultimately, it has become a reality. The Indian national anthem was played at the Olympics stadium. The tricolour flew high. Neeraj Chopra, a 23 - year - old Haryana javelin thrower, won the first-ever gold medal in Olympic athletics from India. Furthermore, the Indian team is returning home also with two silver, and 4 bronze medals; India's best medal haul in Olympics history. Heartfelt congratulations from Madhyamam to Neeraj Chopra and all other athletes who strived for the country. Your dedication and hard work have paved the way for India and everyone who loves India to be very proud. Big prizes have been announced for the gold winner Neeraj Chopra. The Haryana government has announced Rs 6 crores and the government of Punjab, where his family has roots and he trained, has announced Rs 2 crores. The BCCI and the Chennai Super Kings have announced a gift of Rs 1 crore each. Private companies also share this joy with gifts, including free air travel.

Sports associations and leaders, including the Prime Minister, hailed the achievement in tweets. It may seem a little inappropriate when everyone is overwhelmed with joy and pride, but it is impossible not to ask. To what extent do governments and athletic federations deserve to share in this golden achievement resulting from the hard work of this athlete, who grew up in a farming family, and of his favourite coaches? Every Indian athlete prepares for the Olympic games by training at a pre-Olympics camp that does not even provide nutritious food for athletes: We can never boast about this achievement. without recalling the bitter experience faced by the Australian coach Gary Calvert, who discovered the wonder that is Neeraj, and German coach, who holds that 'eternal world record', Uwe Hohn. Gary Calvert, tired of the insults he faced from the authorities, eventually left. And if Uwe Hohn, despite not being given the agreed compensation or the offered facilities, did not leave the mission mid-way after quarreling with Athletic Federation or the Sports Authority of India, that is only because of his utmost dedication to sportsmanship and the perseverance of the Neeraj's sports genius.

At this juncture, the country must be prepared to realize that it is not the lack of talent or strength of the athletes but our neglect to equip them with the necessary facilities that keeps India away from the victory stands. Authorities and the media need to move away from the mind-set that sports is just cricket. Training should be provided in all sports and athletes should be incentivised. Before Neeraj's gold, when the Indian team led by PR Sreejesh won bronze in men 's hockey, the whole country was overjoyed. How many people remember that the teams did not even get sponsors to participate in hockey, which is described as the national sport of India? Finally, the men's and women's hockey teams lined up for the Olympics under the sponsorship of the state of Odisha, under the initiative of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. Political leaders and vested interests should be removed from all sports associations, including the Cricket Board, and those who have proven expertise in the field should be appointed. We need to make rare and exceptional coaches like Uwe Hohn available to our children. They should also be given the consideration they deserve. It's not as easy as changing the name of the sports award, but if you are willing to do it, results are ensured. Let there be facilities in all the states to find the players of tomorrow and train them systematically. The Indian national anthem will be played frequently in the stadium for the next Olympics. It is not impossible. A gold for athletics was a dream for us until Neeraj bagged it. But now that has become a glowing reality.

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