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This mind-set needs treatment

This mind-set needs treatment

A 19-year-old boy walks into his former school, demands a cap confiscated by teachers during school days, taunts teachers he did not like, creates a ruckus in staff rooms and classrooms, pulls out a gun he had kept in his bag, and fires into the air. Such acts are not uncommon in schools in America. But a scene like this could not even be imagined in Malayalam movies or serials till that day - but it has happened in broad daylight in Kerala. That too in a school where Mahatma Gandhi, who was the global advocate of non-violence, had trodden. By the grace of God, there were no casualties. However, this reveals some of the great dangers that have befallen the social condition of Kerala. The important thing is that Keralite society has also changed to a state where it has a propensity to react violently to any trivial issue without being willing to forgive or tolerate it. The suspect in this incident was reportedly intoxicated and is mentally ill, police said. It is indisputable that narcotic drugs, which drain all human virtues, have gained such popularity that they influence the growing generation to do all kinds of things. But drugs and mental problems aside, our modern mindset is not that healthy either. One can recall the recent attack at the Jehovah's Witnesses meeting place in Kalamassery that left six people dead: the accused who was caught in the case used to exalt patriotism and has openly announced to the public that he carried out the deadly blast as revenge and to teach a lesson to his old faith community he disliked.

A number of incidents involving Keralite youths killing their loved ones by burning and slitting their throats have occurred recently as a result of the victims turning down marriage proposal or amorous overtures or ending a relationship. Social media and online opportunities are victimising twice as many women as physical assault. Honour killings have become the new normal in Kerala, where people are beaten up for entering into marriage-love relationships that 'destroy the honour' of the community and family. Incidents of violent mobs killing people in the name of protecting morals and preventing theft have also increased more than ever before. Examples of caste, ethnic and communal violence are endless. A quick glance through the comments below online news stories about conflicts and violence against women shows how dangerously deep a pit we are in. Why do we not seriously discuss this change in society that has grave consequences? It is mainly because of the tendency of trivialising, disregarding or otherwise ignoring any serious crime if it does not harm them or if it does not affect their safe zone.

This is the time when all the ministers under the leadership of the Chief Minister of Kerala are travelling throughout Kerala. The Chief Minister stated at the event's inauguration that its goal is to get public feedback on the creation of Nava Kerala so that plans may be made appropriately. It was therefore hoped that a conversation regarding the violent mentality that is gripping Malayali in general and possible solutions would take place at the Nava Kerala Sadas. But before that, shouldn't the organisers face the democratic protests and hear the opposing viewpoints? How can it be possible if the leaders including the Chief Minister give official approval to violence when their own party forces thrash youth workers showing the black flag, justifying it as an exemplary way of saving lives? It is a good thing that the police did not fully endorse the stand of the home minister that it was justified as a life-saving act. It may be recalled that the acts of communal fascist demons- who are unitedly opposed by the Chief Minister, his party and secular Kerala - in the country have taken on such a monstrous form as to devour the entire country, only because of the support and encouragement given by their masters. And not to be forgotten is the fact that be it the government or the general public, we are not prepared to recognize and correct this state of mind, it will turn off all lights we have sparked and turn them into darkness. .

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