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What justification? What travesty of justice!

What justification? What travesty of justice!

Since the temporary ceasefire ended on Friday, the violent Zionist state has resumed airstrikes more fiercely, obviously working to make Gaza uninhabitable for humans. Having initially ordered people to run for their lives from northern Gaza, the Jewish army in the second phase razed the Gaza city. The latest updates say that they extended airstrikes to Southern Gaza. Knowing fully well there is not a safe spot within and without Gaza, they still dropped leaflets from the sky warning people to immediately move to safe place. Within an hour of warning, the so- called sophisticated state with modern technology staged the deadly macabre dance showering bombs on women, children, the elderly and the sick. The number of bodies recovered alone has already crossed 16,000; God only knows how many more lay abandoned in the destroyed refugee camps and houses. Adding to the picture are tens of thousands of grievously injured people waiting to die. Alongside, Israel is moving tanks and armoured vehicles to the southern region to start ground operations.

Egypt is not allowing 18 lakh Gazans to cross Rafah border. The country is lamenting it has no facilities in place to accommodate refugees pouring in. The movement of life-saving medicine and food in trucks across Rafah border has ceased. How could truck drivers work under the constant bombing? Israel's motives are clear; they don’t want any Palestinian to survive in Gaza no matter hostages are released or not. Netanyahu's fiendish army is literarily implementing his war cry for the complete annihilation of Hamas. That is happening with the help of America that claims to be the saviour of the world and the apostle of peace. President Joe Biden is seeking the approval of Senate to allocate $106 billion aid package for Ukraine, which is fighting Russia, and Israel. The Yankee Empire, where Republicans and Democrats alike claim to be ‘defenders’ of Israel, will undoubtedly lift its hands infavour of the president’s bill. The senator Bernie Sanders and a minority in Biden’s party sought the administration to request for cutting down the death toll of common people in Gaza.

Qatar, which is working day and night but still disappointed at Israel’s indifference towards an end to the war, has now demanded a probe by international agency against Israel’s war crimes. Participating in the ministerial conference ahead of the GCC summit being held in Doha, Qatari Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani has raised this appropriate and timely demand. It is yet to know how many state heads within GCC and Arab states without will throw their weight behind Qatar's official demand for bringing to justice those responsible for war crimes and ensure they do not escape punishment. Let’s for the sake of an argument agree with US-European stance that Israel's attack stemmed from October 7 Hamas attack. Even if so, why is the civilian massacre that violates international law and UN charter is not deemed a crime? The trial of Serbian terrorist Slobodan Milošević at the International Criminal Tribunal for massacre of ordinary civilians in Bosnia is the latest example. What is the justification in allowing the macabre dance to continue without the arrest of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his defence minister? Where is the justice in that?

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