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The balance sheet of 'no-confidence'

The balance sheet of no-confidence

It is no surprise that the no-confidence motion brought by the opposition against the utter silence of the central government in light of the genocide in Manipur technically failed. Although it is not possible to overthrow a government with a huge majority in the Lok Sabha, it is clear that the goal of the opposition through the no-confidence motion was something else. Through debates that lasted three days, they were able to expose in every sense how the Modi administration has failed in all spheres of governance. It is evident from the speeches of the ruling party leaders, from Smriti Irani to Narendra Modi, that they were only able to put up a weak defence at the face of the questions and arguments of the opposition. On the other hand, the parliament also witnessed how every party leader was competing to espouse various issues. The result is no small political victory for the opposition alliance INDIA, with all the democratic ideas it upholds, and was able to present within the parliament through the no-confidence motion. In that sense, the recently energised opposition unity has gained more momentum with the no-trust motion introduced in the Monsoon session and the discussion around it.

Through the no-confidence motion, the opposition leaders wanted to force the Prime Minister to speak at length about ethnic clashes against the minorities in Manipur that have been raging for three months. The PM who was absent from the House completely during the first two days of the debates was obliged to come to the parliament and respond to them on the third day. The ruling party's move to defend itself putting in the forefront leaders including Amit Shah on the first day was a failure. They were unable to provide convincing answers to the questions raised by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi who initiated the debate. Gogoi's jabs at the PM, claiming that the reason he has been evading questions such as, "Why has PM Modi still not visited Manipur or Why did PM Modi not sack the Manipur CM who has completely failed to maintain law and order in the state" is because he does not like to admit failure angered the ruling party. MPs including Mahua Moitra and Kanimozhi launched scathing criticism on the second day of the debate. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, whose membership was recently reinstated, was able to highlight the corporate agenda of the government and the fascism of PM Modi. The ruling party's attempt to sideline the speech of Rahul Gandhi was also unsuccessful. The ruling dispensation tried to sidestep all of the accusations by introducing a resolution of peace. The question that resounded in the house when the Home Minister introduced a motion calling for peace in Manipur. was about the Prime Minister's presence.

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Although PM Modi, who has managed to stay away from the people, media and people's representatives, spoke for 2 hours and 15 minutes, he was unable to give satisfactory answers or solutions to the questions raised during the no-confidence debate. His speech was devoted to attacking and ridiculing the opposition; along with the usual claims unrelated to the reality. The word Manipur was not even mentioned during the first 90 minutes of his speech. When he did speak about the state, not only were there no assurances of solutions but the speech was filled with false and anti-historical accusations while pointing the spearhead at the opposition. He even made an effort to whitewash Manipur chief minister Biren Singh favourably in the midst of all of this. Mere words such as 'the country is with you' is not enough for the people in Manipur. What Manipur immediately needs is the restoration of peace and bringing the perpetrators before the law. There wasn't a single line in the PM's speech which gave such an indication. The opposition can take solace that it was able to show the bellicose politics of the ruling party. The resolutions and the slogans heard in the House were such that strengthen the INDIA opposition to move forward in that direction.

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