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Will Israel's racist spite end with a ceasefire?

Will Israels racist spite end with a ceasefire?

Isreli killed 41 people, including 15 children and four women, and injured 311 people fatally in the Gaza strip. Usually, Israel's justification for such heinous attacks is that it was in response to provocations from Palestinian armed resistance groups. But this time they themselves have not pointed out any such thing because of Zionist terrorism. On August 1, Monday, Israeli forces had captured Bassam Saadi, the head of the armed group Palestinian Islamic Jihad, from the Jenin refugee camp. Because Bassam had been arrested seven times before this, no one in Palestine paid much attention to him beyond a usual action. There were no protests in the West Bank, the Islamic Jihad's sphere of influence. The organization limited its response to a warning not to physically torture Saadi. But, after the arrest, Israel imposed strict restrictions on the entry and exit of the border into Gaza. Still, neither Islamic Jihad nor other armed groups fired a single missile at Israel.

It was when matters were sliding so that Israel dropped bombs on various parts of the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday afternoon.They mainly targeted a residential building in the town of Gaza. Tayseer Al Jabari, commander of Al Quds Brigade's northern region commander, was killed in that attack. Also killed were a five-year-old girl, a 23-year-old woman and seven men. It is not reasonable to think that the attack was aimed at Jabari, who is not so well known. On Saturday morning, the military spokesman, who came for announcement on Israeli television, could not even pronounce Jabar';s name correctly. When Islamic Jihad attempted counter attack, Israel escalated its onslaught on Gaza. It should be noted that Hamas, the authority ruling Gaza, did not come out publicly this time. But the Israeli army was showering all misery on Gaza. They warned that the campaign will last for a week. Egypt has since stepped forward to mediate and announced a ceasefire on Sunday night.

Why Israel repeatedly turns the besieged Gaza into a valley of death is a question which only they can answer. It is a noticed feature that if the rogue state of Israel wants to gain the world's attention, if they see that the big powers are moving to make them irrelevant internationally, to win local elections, to distract attention from internal issues, the usual line in Israel is to massacre innocent children, women and civilians of Gaza. Yair Lapid, now interim prime minister, needs Palestinian blood to secure his seat in the November 1 election. Lapid's currrent administration is aligned with Mansour Abbas's United Arab List, a coalition of Palestinians in Israel. Opponents accuse Lapid, who shares power with UAL, which is backed by Israel's Arab organization the Islamic Movement, that he has sold the country to the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of terrorism. There are those who see behind the attack Lapid's delusion that he can win the favour of extremist racists by massacring Gazans as response to terrorism. Like his predecessor and close friend, Yehud Olmert, Lapid takes office as prime minister with no military training or experience. Recently, the United States, Iran, the European Union, China, and Russia have begun joint negotiations to agree on a nuclear non-proliferation agreement. This is infuriating Israel. Tel Aviv's dream was that an anti-Iran coalition would be evolved from US President Joe Biden's visit to West Asia.

It didn't happen. The most recent moves by the Gulf states are to avoid confrontation with Iran. Israel has the apprehension that with the help of Iran, which is gaining strength as the US returns to the agreement that Trump withdrew from earlier and lifts the sanctions, it will strengthen its opponents with the help of Iran. Therefore, the Zionist lobby calculates that the Islamic Jihad can be provoked to attack Israel, and if they venture up to do so, they can confront Iran as a sponsor of terrorism. In this way, the Gaza Strip has been turned into Israel's tool to solve any internal and external problem. The Zionist state needs to drink the blood of innocent Gazans to grow into the hegemon of the region. They waste no opportunity to achieve this end. There are not big dreams left for the Jewish state to realise. Any program of destroying the Palestinian resistance, eliminating Hamas, and expelling the Palestinians from the region as in 1948 cannot continue for much longer. All the same, they are unable to tame the bubbling racism inside either. Such attacks are the ways they find to vent that anger. Since they are not accountable to the international community, or anyone inside Israel or in West Asia, the atrocities of Zionist racism need not end with any ceasefire agreement.

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