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IAS officer's list of engaging home experiments for children goes viral

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Divya Mittal, an IAS Officer, has garnered widespread appreciation for her efforts to promote critical thinking and scientific exploration among children.

In a recent tweet, Mittal highlighted the significance of cultivating a curious mind and scientific temper as essential life skills. To facilitate this learning process, she shared a comprehensive list of intriguing at-home experiments that offer valuable insights into science through interactive and enjoyable activities.

Holding a degree in engineering from the esteemed IIT Delhi, Divya Mittal highlighted the importance of critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and a sense of wonderment over formal degrees. Her dedication to nurturing these skills led her to compile a series of experiments designed to instill these qualities in her own daughters and now shared with the wider public.

One of the experiments featured in her Twitter thread involves creating a "human sundial," enabling children to grasp the concept of the Earth's rotation in a hands-on manner. Another experiment, "sink and float," introduces the principles of buoyancy and density using oranges and water.

The tweet has garnered remarkable attention, amassing over 700,000 views and numerous appreciative comments. One user lauded Mittal's initiative, stating, "Trying to influence the young minds in the right direction to make them creators and solution providers is the most wonderful move you have chosen to become a perfect role model for every parent."

The impact of her endeavors extended to sparking discussions about encouraging scientific exploration and independent thought. Another user shared, "The experiment that I tried with my kids to inculcate scientific temper and curiosity: Do not enforce/influence upon them the concept of God so as to let them find/explore it on their own."

Her list of experiments was praised for its simplicity and effectiveness in making learning enjoyable and comprehensible.

An X user noted, "A superb collection of fun-to-do, fairly simple experiments. Makes learning so much fun, and so much easier to grasp and retain. Lucky girls-your daughters! Do encourage schools at all your places of posting to take up similar teaching, using hands-on experiments."

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