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Noise from deep sea mining harmful to blue whales, scientists warn

Noise from deep sea mining harmful to blue whales, scientists warn

London: Scientists say that noise pollution from deep sea mining could cause damage to sea animals like whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Deep sea mining, especially in the Pacific Ocean, will create for marine animals a situation similar to a noisy construction work happening in a human neigbhourhoood, according to The Guardian.

The research, published in Frontiers in Marine Science by the University of Exeter and Greenpeace Research Laboratories, studies the impact of mining on cetaceans, which include whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The peer-reviewed paper warns of irreparable damage that deep sea mining likely to cause to blue whales and other rare marine creatures.

Dr Kirsten Thompson, of the University of Exeter, said a construction work for 24/7 in a neigbhourhood could change human life ‘dramatically’.

“Your mental health would be compromised, you might change your behaviour to escape from it. It’s no different for whales or dolphins,” said Dr Kirsten Thompson.

The peer-reviewed study warns that noise pollution particularly could cause damage to the sensitive, intelligent animals.

The study calls for urgent research to assess the impact of deep sea mining on marine animals.

Even as scientists warn, mining companies focus on extracting the rich source of metals and minerals from seafloor in Pacific Ocean.

The report said that 17 mining contracts have been given so far to explore the seafloor.

Though the companies have not received permission to start mining, they are pressing governments to give the nod.

This comes as campaigners and scientists warn that noise from mining work could overlap the frequencies that cetaceans use in communication.

The studies so far considered the impacts of mining only on species living on seabed.

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