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Scientists worked on Chandrayaan -2 were ‘overconfident’: Aerospace scientist claims

Scientists worked on Chandrayaan -2 were ‘overconfident’: Aerospace scientist claims

New Delhi: Most people in India are eagerly waiting for the moment the ambitious Vikram lander touching down on the moon Wednesday.

There is not yet without anxiety over things going wrong at the eleventh hour repeating previous failure.

But scientists seem to be confident, despite Russia’s Luna-25 went awry crash landing on the moon.

The Bengaluru based Aerospace Scientist Professor Radhakant Padhi of Indian Institute of Science believes that Vikram lander will safely land on the lunar surface, NDTV reported.

Vikram lander, he told NDTV, has inbuilt "salvage mode", which will help it land in the face of adversities.

He said that Chandrayaan-3 comes with a lot of improvements learning lesson from Chandrayaan-2’s failure.

‘Chandrayaan-2 failed as the Vikram lander could not control its speed and it tumbled...There was an algorithm failure, which has now been corrected. Vikram Landers legs are more robust now,’ Professor Radhakant Padhi was quoted as saying.

Radhakant Padhi, involved in the launch of both Chandrayaan 2 and 3, emphasized that there is "absolutely no doubt" that Vikram lander will touch down safely.

The Aerospace department of the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru has contributed to India’s ambitious moon mission.

Expressing confidence in the Chandrayaan-3, he said that ISRO scientists were ‘overconfident’ in Chandrayaan-2.

Radhakant Padhi added that Chandrayaan-3 is more robust than the previous one as it is designed for six ‘sigma bounds’.

Although mimicking lunar condition on Earth is impossible, he said, Chandrayaan-3 was stress tested to manage all ‘known unknowns’.

Hoping that the lander will perform as expected, he said that ‘The Vikram Lander has two on-board computers, there was only one in Chandrayaan-2’.

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