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UFO's spotted by Navy were not aliens: US Intelligence

UFOs spotted by Navy were not aliens: US Intelligence

The unidentified flying objects (UFOs) reportedly spotted by the US navy pilots in recent years are not "otherworldly alien spacecraft", no evidence was found strengthening the assumption, says US Intelligence, as per a report by The Guardian. But officials could not explain the strange movements in the sky that "baffles" the US military and scientific establishments in the country, The Guardian further said.

In a news report, the New York Times said that the government could not completely rule out theories that the phenomena might be alien spacecraft. The analysis report by the US intelligence admitted that many details regarding the sightings were difficult to explain, such as how these UFOs accelerated and switched direction.

One of the potential theories is that what they saw was weather balloons or something similar. But the theory fails in some cases too.

Officials also think that the reported UFOs could be some experimental technology by a rival state, such as China or Russia. The Guardian says that US intelligence and military officials are worried that such rival states are "experimenting with hypersonic technology", as there is no evidence that these don't belong to the US.

There were more than 120 sightings reported during the past 20 years, but the officials say that these were not of the US military and related government technology. The official's testimony rules out the possibility that the aerial phenomena reported by navy pilots were something the US government was trying to keep a secret. Officials said that the unclassified version of their official report, yet to be turned over to congress by 25th June, will provide few other firm conclusions regarding this. Their findings were a much-awaited government assessment of these UFO sightings.

(based on The Guardian story)

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