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Vikram lander sends selfies of rover rolling out to the Moon

Vikram lander sends selfies of rover rolling out to the Moon

New Delhi: The visuals of India’s rover Pragyan rolling out to the lunar surface have finally arrived from the moon.

The Indian Space Research Organisation shared the ‘selfies’ of the big moment taken by Vikram Lander.

Releasing the video, ISRO wrote ‘... and here is how the Chandrayaan-3 Rover ramped down from the Lander to the Lunar surface.’

Chandrayaan-3 landing at 6.04 on Wednesday evening made India the first country to reach the South Pole of the moon.

The Pragyan rover rolled out to the lunar surface after nearly 4 hours of wait.

The rover has left its track mark on the moon for eternity, making history.

The colour video shows the details of the rover’s solar panel, and it’s shifting shadow on the lunar surface.

As frequently reported Chandrayaan-3’s importance stems from its landing on the difficult South Pole.

The region, known for its deep craters and dangerous trenches, is a nightmare for safe landing.

All previous lunar landings including human landing by the US took place in the equatorial region of the moon.

India stands out in its choice of rough terrain to where the US and China are planning landing projects.

Russia’s Luna-25 mission, launched after India’s but hoped to land well ahead, crashed on the lunar surface days ago.

Pragyan will move around for 14 days carrying out experiments for determining presence of water and minerals, among others.

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