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China and India plan space tourism after successful trips of others

China and India plan space tourism after successful trips of others

New Delhi: Tourism in future will no longer be about visiting waterfalls and heritage sites.

The well-off will buy tickets to space or take a ride around the moon.

At least they can watch from space Earth with its inhabitants living another day of worry and suffering.

After Jeff Bezos-led Blue Origin and Musk's SpaceX started offering trip to space, China is trying to bite off big a chunk of the opportunity.

China's National Space Administration (CNSA) will take tourists to space by 2025 at the cost of $2, 87,200 to $4, and 30,800 for a passenger.

The plan is to offer brief suborbital flight taking tourists on brief joyrides and return them home.

A senior rocket scientist Yang Yiquiang, founder of Beijing-based CAS Space, was quoted as saying that three modes of space travel are currently explored.

Jeff Bezos-led Blue Origin takes paying customers to an altitude of 100 kilometers above earth, touching the Karmen line and returning.

Karman line, the 100 kilometers boundary above Earth is where space begins.

India also reportedly expressed interest in taking paying customers into space in the near future.

Space tourism took hold after Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson launching self-developed rockets into space, subsequently leading the high-altitude tourism according to India Today.

Bezos' Blue Origin tops the chart with three successful flights in 2022 and Branson's Virgin Galactic is planning more after its debut mission.

Musk's Dragon spacecraft flew four tourists into space for over three days and his SpaceX is planning a tourist flight around the Moon shortly.

Meanwhile, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed a memorandum of understanding with China to land its maiden mission on the Moon.

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