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A Spy caught at former Pak PM Imran Khan's residence: PTI

A Spy caught at former Pak PM Imran Khans residence: PTI

Islamabad: After his ouster from power, Imran Khan has been hogging media with public rallies and rhetorical attacks against the current regime that replaced him in a no-trust vote a few months ago.

Just hours before a spokesperson for his party The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claimed to have lighted on a spy at Khan's residence in Bani Gala.

Tasked to keep an eye on Khan, the spy was assigned to install a specific device to record the communications at the residence, PTI spokesperson Shahbaz Gill claimed.

Shahbaz Gill said a highly sensitive USB-like device that could record voices in the room was recovered from the man who received 50,000 to install it.

Showing the "spying device" Gill said the device was password-protected which could run on software and there was tiny mic in it.

"I fear that probably his next task would have been to plant an explosive device inside the residence," the spokesperson said.

Islamabad police also revealed that they had also taken into custody another person from Khan's residence under suspicion of being a spy.

As per the Islamabad police "a reporter belonging to a local private TV channel had handed over a man who couldn't talk properly and so he hadn't been identified yet".

"Medical tests would be carried out to know about the mental and physical condition of the suspect. The man had been under arrest inside Bani Gala before been taken to the police station," stated the police.

"No evidence has been provided to the police by the reporter to ascertain the details about the suspected man," the police added.

Law enforcement has also asked Khan to provide a list of employees working at Bani Gala, but despite multiple requests the details are yet to be provided.

Police maintains that they could not check backgrounds of people working at Bani Gala until the list is not provided to them.

Khan has been saying for long that his "life is in danger" and has even recorded a video, mentioning the names of persons, who he believes would be responsible if something happens to him.

Khan has accused the current government of ousting him off power through an "orchestrated conspiracy led by the US" for a regime change.

Khan has called for a strong resistance against the Pakistan regime and vowed to continue protesting until early elections are not announced in the country.

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