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American report alleges China committed genocide against Uighur Muslims; Women involuntarily sterilized

American report alleges China committed genocide against Uighur Muslims; Women involuntarily sterilized
camera_altA woman wearing a mask portraying Chinese prosecution of Uighur Muslims at a protest gathering in Istanbul, Turkey.

Beijing: A report by the US expert team report has accused the Chinese government of committing genocide against the Uighur Muslims and violating UN's recommendations regarding the Uighur issue. The report adds that the government resorted to cruel genocidal acts against the Muslims in Xinjiang province and added that the "People's War on Terror," started by President Xi Jinping in 2014, was aimed at conducting this Muslim genocide.

Mass incarceration, the killing of leaders, forced sterilization, separation of children from families, demolition of mosques, ravaging the identity of Turkey Muslim groups were some of the brutalities committed as part of the genocide. The American government, Canadian and Dutch parliament have officially stated that China is committing a slaughter of the Muslim population. The US has imposed sanctions on Chinese officials who participated in these human right violations in Xinjiang. China, however, has rejected all claims by the report and asserted that it was terrorism camps that they destroyed.

In February, Chinese Foreign minister Wang Yi communicated to the UN Human Rights Council that "there has never been any "genocide, forced labour or religious oppression" in Xinjiang. The committee, after their visit, stated that there was indeed evidence for Muslim genocide. Rapes and forcible sterilization were perpetrated in the concentration camps by the authorities. According to statistics, 80 per cent of the Muslim population across Xinjiang were sterilized involuntarily. During 2015-2018, the population declined up to 84 per cent in the province. Eighteen orphanages were constructed in Kashgar by the government for accommodating the children who were taken away from their families. The wholesale manslaughter was conducted under the direct orders of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the American report, phrases like "eradicate the cancer", "wipe them out completely … destroy them root and branch," "round up everyone," and "show absolutely no mercy", were used in the government orders.

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