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China ruling party passes rare resolution to fortify Xi Jinping's power

China ruling party passes rare resolution to fortify Xi Jinpings power

Beijing: The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) passed a rare resolution praising the president's "decisive significance" in the rejuvenation of China, and the resolution delivered a significant boost to Xi Jinping as president, The Guardian reports.

The resolution is the third of its kind in the last 100 years of Chinese history, and the previous two were passed under Mao Zedong and Den Xiaoping, who had brought revolutionary reforms to the nation.

The resolution said that Xi's leadership had brought historical achievements and the nation had undergone a historic transformation. It also praised Mao and Deng for leading the country to tremendous change, prosperity and strength. The resolution told party members to be sure that they make no disruptive mistakes on fundamental issues such as party legitimacy, economic reform and opening up, and territorial integrity.

The communique of the meeting said that the party central committee had asked the entire party, army and people of all ethnic groups to unite with it and Xi Jinping to fully implement his era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It said that the party has finished many tasks and promoted historic achievements and changes in the nation's cause. The world is undergoing great changes, along with the pandemic. It also admitted that China was facing an arduous task in controlling the pandemic while developing its economy and society.

Meanwhile, analysts had opined that the resolution aimed to elevate Xi to the ranks of Mao and Deng, securing his political future. The CCP had removed presidential term limits in 2018. Ling Li, an expert from the University of Vienna, said that the resolution was passed to convince party officials and the wider population about the progress made under Xi's leadership. The resolution has the purposes of justifying Xi's path to power and building a case about the party's performance under him, she said.

Though Xi faces no rivals, critics say his attempt to stay in power can alienate younger party figures, who see diminished chances for promotion. Citing experiences of other countries in Asia and Latin America, some political scientists opined that one-person rule for long periods worsens decision making and causes poor economic performance.

However, Yu Jie, senior fellow on China at the London based think tank Chatham House, said that Xi was not taking all the glory, but he admits the foundation established by his predecessors.

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