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Elon Musk says having fewer children to help environment is nonsense

Elon Musk says having fewer children to help environment is nonsense

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said it is "total nonsense" to have fewer children in order to protect the environment. He has seven children and argued that the environment is going to be fine even if the human population doubles.

He was speaking at the All-In Summit via video.

"Some people think having fewer kids is better for the environment, It is total nonsense," said the Tesla founder. He added that we at least need to maintain the numbers and don't need to grow dramatically.

He claimed if people start having fewer children, humankind will gradually dwindle away and civilisation will end with "all of us in adult diapers". The tech businessman stated that increasing population is not bad for the environment.

A recent theory by climate scientists Kimberley Nicholas and Seth Wynes claimed that having one fewer child per family will result in approximately 58.6 metric tons of carbon emissions. CNBC also reported having a child is seven times worse in terms of annual CO2 emissions when compared to lifestyle changes individuals can make to save the planet.

Citing Japan's declining birth rate as an example, Musk said the East Asian country is at risk of "ceasing to exist". He added that it is proof that having children is essential for maintaining civilization.

Japan's population declined by 600,000 people last year. The island nation's birth rate is declining faster than predicted. In 2021, it declined to around 805,000, the expected figure in 2028. The Japanese government said the number of births fell 2.8% from the previous year. It is the lowest since records began in 1899.

A similar trend is being seen across the world. Contrary to popular predictions, the pandemic did not cause a baby boom. The global economic insecurity caused a lower birth rate in many nations including the US and Australia.

Musk addressed the common concerns many modern-day parents have: "how can I bring a child into this terrible world?" He treated the fear lightly and asked if these people have read history. "It was way worse back then". The billionaire did not back any evidence to support his claims about having more children, the protection of the planet, or the future of civilization.

Scientists have repeatedly warned overpopulation is a problem causing effects like ecological degradation, increased conflicts, and a higher risk of large-scale disasters like pandemics. Having more children leads to an increased demand for food, demand, housing, energy, healthcare, and transportation.

Most nations are already struggling to provide these essentials to their existing population. Countries that are ranking high in these areas often have smaller populations.

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