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Following chaos, America remains on the edge

Following chaos, America remains on the edge

Image source: AP/PTI

Washington: Most Americans still remain shaken, unable yet to come to terms with what happened a few hours before at the U.S Capital.

The latest report this morning says Twitter has locked up President Trump's account, and Facebook has also followed the suit.

Adding to it reports said that a woman was shot dead in the chaos after hundred of Trump supporters barged into the building.

The Senate had to be evacuated. Unruly scenes resembling those straight from an esoteric Hollywood political flick unfolded.

And in the process Vice President Mike Pence had to be ushered to safety.

One informed person told BBC President Trump "rebuffed and resisted requests" to send in the National Guard to " quell" the chaos.

NBC News reported that two explosive devices were discovered and one of which was safely detonated.

As more facts emerge, picture will become clearer as regards whether protesters aimed at bigger things than whipping up chaos.

However, details of the violence show how unbelievably frenzy and chaotic it was; they were remotely hardly possible to emerge in even any wildest imagination.

Rioters stormed in through barricades, forcing to shut down a ceremonial event underway, to affirm Joe Biden's election win.

The macabre drama that unfolded saw police officers drawing guns after rioters tried to barge into House chamber.

Vice President was presiding over the joint session of Congress at the time. NBC News reported that he could be seen rushing out of the Senate chamber.

In the process, the place descended into shrilly sounds of Trump supports.

Meanwhile, reports quoting an Army official say that the Army had activated 1,100 troops of the D.C. National Guard, alongside Virginia governor sent in 200 Virginia State Troopers, to quell the violence.

BBC reported that a lobbying group once aligned with Trump administration has urged Vice President to use powers within the constitution to oust President Trump from office.

The world is watching the chaos at the US Capitol with jaws dropped to the floor. Of the few voices now heard internationally show this disbelief.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canadian were deeply disturbed by what he said " attack on democracy".

BBC reported that Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez threw his weight behind Joe Biden while condemning the violence.

Further on this, President Sebastian Pinera didn't mince his words in condemning the rioting.

A stable democracy with credible polls and outcome, smooth transition from one regime to another on a predictable date every four years, USA has a lot to brag about its political process.

Except that what happened, or rather what has been happening for over several weeks since the negative poll outcome for Trump is quite unprecedented.

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