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"Freedom truck convoy" spreads in more Canadian regions

Freedom truck convoy spreads in more Canadian regions

Ottawa: The "freedom truck convoy" protests, which started a week ago and gathered headlines against vaccine mandates of the Canadian government as well as its Covid-19 restrictions, received more support as the capital saw more protestors crowding there, extending solidarity, Associated Press reported.

The protest is spreading in regions of Quebec City, Fredericton, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, etc.

Security forces in the capital braced themselves for any unwanted violence and ensured the protest demonstrations, for which former US President extended his support, remained peaceful.

The demonstrators gathered before open fires and shared food and entertainment, while some donned Trump support flags too.

In Toronto, there were marches gatherings with demonstrators who came with placards read "freedom", "N95 masks for all", etc. Here police had placed roadblocks to prevent protesters from entering the provincial legislature. Five major hospitals here were also given protection.

However, a lawyer had filed a lawsuit against protesters who are disturbing the quietness in the neighbourhoods of Ottawa, blowing truck horns at all hours. He has sought millions of dollars of damages through the suit. Many residents have reacted against the mass gatherings, too, while polls have suggested that the majority of the population wishes Covid-19 restrictions intact.

Protesters said they wouldn't live until all mandates pertaining to Covid-19 were lifted, and some called for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government ousted.

The protests started after the Trudeau government-imposed mandates that require truckers returning from the United States must have vaccination proofs. Later the mandate included all Canadians who were critical of Covid-19 restrictions as well as PM Trudeau, the New York Times reported.

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