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G7 Summit

The G7 leaders, who are meeting in Cornwall, have a sought a unified position over China's rise/Image : AFP

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G7 Summit: Fate of the world can't be decided by a small group of countries, China lashes out


China spoke against the G7 Summit which has taken a unified decision over Beijing and stated that the fate of the world is no longer decided by a small group of countries.

The G7 gathering aims to make a statement that these nations can offer the world an alternative to China's growing influence. China's economic and military rise over the past four decades is also a topic for discussion.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led a G7 discussion of China. He called on leaders to come up with a unified approach to the challenges posed by China. The G7 nations are planning to offer developing nations an infrastructure scheme that rivals China's multi-trillion-dollar economy.

China's return as a global power has set it as the main strategic competitor to the US. President Joe Biden had announced that Beijing's 'economic abuses' and 'human rights violations' will be confronted.

Chinese spokesperson in the London embassy said that the days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone. China considers the efforts of the G7 as the result of an outdated imperial mindset. He cautioned the seven countries which are the world's richest democracies. Beijing has repeatedly spoken against the perceived attempts by Western nations to contain China.

"We always believe that countries, big or small, strong or weak, poor or rich, are equals. World affairs should be handled through consultation by all countries," said the Chinese representative. He added that the only valid global system was the international order designed by the United Nations, not the so-called rules formulated by a small number of countries.

The G7 members - the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan - currently gathered in Southwestern England have been discussing the growing assertiveness of President Xi Jinping.

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