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Hospitals in China set up 'homework zones' amid respiratory infection outbreak

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Beijing: A novel initiative has emerged in Chinese hospitals as they establish designated "homework zones" to accommodate students suffering from respiratory infections.

This move has sparked a significant debate on social media platforms, drawing contrasting views on its impact.

These specialised zones within hospitals aim to provide students with a dedicated space to continue their studies while receiving medical care. Social media has been ablaze with images of students engrossed in homework tasks while undergoing treatment, prompting varied opinions on the practice.

The discourse surrounding these homework zones delves into conflicting perspectives. Some argue that such spaces potentially exacerbate academic pressure on sick students, obligating them to keep up with studies even during illness. Some view these zones as a valuable resource aiding students in preventing educational setbacks, ensuring continuity in learning, and fostering a sense of normalcy amid health challenges.

The ongoing debate is expected to intensify as more hospitals in China adopt these specialised study areas.

According to reports by state broadcaster CCTV, hospitals in eastern China have designated areas equipped with desks, chairs, and IV stands to facilitate students' academic endeavors while undergoing medical treatment. Parents are actively involved in assisting their children with schoolwork, while hospitals strive to create an encouraging environment that supports both learning and recuperation.

Comments from parents shared by the South China Morning Post highlighted mixed sentiments.

One parent acknowledged being initially hesitant but was swayed by the conducive study environment within the hospital. Another parent emphasised the necessity of ensuring the completion of school tasks to prevent overwhelming workloads upon the student's return to school post-recovery, attributing it to societal norms.

Meanwhile, China's National Health Commission spokesperson, Mi Feng, addressed concerns regarding a surge in acute respiratory illnesses, linking it to the simultaneous circulation of multiple pathogens, notably influenza. The recent rise in respiratory ailments gained global attention following inquiries from the World Health Organization (WHO) about clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children.

While questions about transparency in reporting early cases during the pandemic surfaced, the WHO confirmed the absence of new or unusual pathogens in the recent illnesses, addressing concerns regarding any potential emerging diseases in this context.

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