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Intl-agency smells Netanyahu's poll fraud claim akin to Trump's, warns violence

Intl-agency smells Netanyahus poll fraud claim akin to Trumps, warns violence

Tel Aviv: Distressed over the formation of the new coalition to remove him from his twelve-year-old Prime Minister seat, Benjamin Netanyahu alleged that the coalition is the result of great election rigging in the history of Israel's democracy.

The Israeli security forces that smelt Netanyahu's accusations with Donald Trump's claims after his loss in the US Presidential election, warned about a violent discourse in the country.

Netanyahu is facing a coalition of parties that have incongruous views but the hostility against him is the only factor that united them to form a government. Meanwhile, Netanyahu, who is facing corruption charges that may land him in jail, is reportedly trying to mobilise support by peeling off defectors before a confirmation vote.

Naftali Bennett, once a strong supporter of Netanyahu and who is waiting to be the next Prime Minister, is the focus of Netanyahu's criticism for his breaching of the election campaign promise of not partnering with left-wing, centrist and Arab parties.

Netanyahu is reported to have said that the 'unholy alliance' left people to feel as they were deceived and there will be repercussion on their part. His remarks prompted the internal security agency to issue a public statement warning of a "severe escalation in violent and inciting discourse" on social media.

The alliance comprises three right-wing, two centrist and two left-wing parties as well as an Arab Islamic conservative party. Under the coalition agreement, Bennett of the right-wing nationalist Yamina party would be premier for two years, to be replaced by the centrist Lapid in 2023.

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