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Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Leaked documents show china's rights-violating policies in Xinjiang were 'preplanned'

New Delhi: The leaked documents called 'Xinjiang Papers' contain six speeches by Chinese President Xi Jinping and other central government figures from 2014 provides an important link between a wide range of recently-implemented rights-violating policies in Xinjiang and the central government.

The documents were leaked to Uyghur Tribunal and released by Adrian Zenz. This link is further reinforced by the fact that one of the files contains a cover letter from the Xinjiang government from October 2016 that mandates the study of Xi's top-secret April 2014 speeches.

The publicly available evidence, most of which has since been deleted, indicates that in late 2016, these documents as well as the three speeches delivered by Xi, Li Keqiang and Yu Zhengsheng in May 2014 at the Second Central Xinjiang Work Forum, were studied as containing the "strategic deployment of the party's Central Committee for Xinjiang work".

Documents collated by Zenz show that local government study sessions of this particular set of speeches aimed to "convey and learn the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, arrange and deploy current and future key tasks".

Compared to the material from 2014, these documents reflect a much more draconian approach to bringing the region's ethnic groups under control, without any of conciliatory overtones found in the 2014 speeches, Zenz said.

This more recent material contains direct evidence about the importance of the re-education camps and the need to intern substantial shares of the population by "rounding up all who should be rounded up".

The two documents on the punishment of Xinjiang county-level party secretaries who failed to obey government orders show that cadres were expected to ruthlessly carry out whatever order they were given. Among other things, those who failed to "round up all who should be rounded up" faced severe consequences. This evidence further confirms that the responsibility for this atrocity squarely rests with the top-level leadership in both Xinjiang and Beijing.

The three documents issued by the central government on the "correct" history of Xinjiang, on improving the governance and control of Islam, and on the development of the XPCC in southern Xinjiang confirm the central government's plans to fundamentally alter the religious and demographic composition in the region (and, in the case of Islam, likely in the entire nation), Zenz said.

The leaked document demonstrates how the central government itself is behind the intention to reengineer Xinjiang's ethnic cultures and communities.

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