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Putin "mistrust" generals, angry at his Army for misleading him: US Intelligence

Putin mistrust generals, angry at his Army for misleading him: US Intelligence

Kyiv: Russia was not making good on its promise of peace as Ukraine went under continual bombing on Wednesday.

More civilian areas faced fire and smoke from skies leaving behind skeletons of buildings.

Into this melee comes the US Intelligence claim that Putin was angry at being misled into the war by his military.

Putin could be angry at reasons including Ukraine's continued resistance to the mighty Russian forces more than a month into the war.

Russian forces faced no lesser casualties than reports from warfront say—for example Russia lost numerous tanks, and aircraft after Ukrainians retaliated using US and European weaponry.

Alongside, Moscow is reeling under the crunching Western sanctions undercutting the ruble as well as blocking imports and exports.

US officials said on Wednesday that Putin was furious over not letting him on the true situation ahead.

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said that Putin felt misled by the Russian military.

There are reports about "Persistent tension" between Putin and military staff as the President "mistrust" his generals.

Speculations of similar vein were earlier put about claiming that Russia lost ground in Ukraine.

However, Russia went on pounding the nation with heavy bombardment.

Following the latest attack hopes for peace through talks in Istanbul seemingly evaporated, according to one report.

The United Nations estimated the total number of refugees to be over four million. In more clear terms close to one in 10 of the nation is a refuge now.

During the talks on Tuesday Russia vainly promised to pull back from the city of Chernigiv and capital Kyiv.

A hopeless Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said in an address that Ukrainians would not believe anyone.

He vowed that Ukrainians would continue fight for every metre of their territory.

Civilians hiding from bombardments in the city of Mariupol vainly hoped that Russia would keep to its promise of opening temporary evacuation corridors.

The UN Human Rights Council confirmed Russia's assault on populated areas. UNHRC said that indiscriminate attacks were prohibited under international humanitarian law.

Talks in Istanbul seemed to be going the right direction with Russian promised to scale down the attacks, but things went awry on Wednesday.

Russia pledged to "radically" cut down attack after the progress in negations on its two concerns: the neutrality and no-nuclear status of Ukraine.

Russian went on attacking as its spokesperson said that there wasn't anything too promising in the talks.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Western sanctions would continue until Russian forces leave Ukraine.

On diplomatic front, all kinds of moves are happening with Germany and Austria fearing Russia cutting gas supplies to them if not paid in rubles.

Putin on Wednesday told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gas payments could continue in euros, one report said.

Meanwhile, EU member state Slovakia would expel 35 Russian diplomats based on inputs from intelligence services.

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