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Russia-Ukraine conflict: US President Biden calls Indian stand "shaky"

Russia-Ukraine conflict: US President Biden calls Indian stand shaky

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Monday called India's stand in response to Russian invasion of Ukraine "shaky".

US President's comments come just as Russia continues to pulverize Ukraine zeroing in on Mariupol.

He singled out India at a US business leaders meet in Washington describing India an exception among the Quad partners.

He said that Japan and Australia had been extremely strong in terms of dealing with Putin's aggression.

US President particularly highlighted Indian stand on the grounds of not imposing any sanctions on Russia. However, other Quad partners including Australia, Japan and USA were quick to sanction Russia.

In the thick of the war, India focused entirely on the evacuation of its citizens trapped at the warfront.

Alongside, India urged both Russia and Ukraine to continue peace talks for resolving the issues.

Aside from this, India has not voted against Russia at the United Nations opting to abstain both at the Security Council and General Assembly.

Biden praised North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the European Union and other partners for their first stand against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Stating that Nato has never been stronger and more united, he accused Putin of counting on being able to split the organization.

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