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Taliban opens secret CIA base in Kabul to media
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Taliban opens secret CIA base in Kabul to media


The Taliban has opened up the faux Afghan village that functioned as a CIA base for the past 20 years to the media. The space was used to train paramilitary forces. The base is known to be at the heart of America's 'war on terror.'

The journalists found the base to be abandoned in a hurry during the withdrawal of American military troops from Afghan soil. Cars, minibuses, and armoured vehicles were found to have been lined up and incinerated beyond identification. A big ammunition dump had also been blown up, reported The Guardian.

Mullah Hassanain, a Taliban commander, told the media that they want to show the world how the US wasted material that could have been used to build Afghanistan. The Taliban had plans to use the CIA base for their own military training.

The blast that reduced everything to shards of metal had shaken the Kabul city at the time of American evacuation. The base is known for being the spot of the worst human rights abuse in history. It was infamously called 'salt pit' and 'dark prison'

After Gul Rahman, a suspected Taliban member, died in 2002 after being chained to a wall half-naked, the CIA formed its first set of formal guidelines on interrogation. Until now, there was no hard proof of the existence of the CIA base. It had only been seen in satellite photos.

A New York Times satellite investigation had reported that a bunch of buildings in the base had been levelled since spring. Media members found that the barracks were still abandoned in a hurry that meals were left half-finished. Lockers were also emptied in a frenzy that possessions were spilt out of them, reported The Guardian.

Several burn pits with sensitive equipment and medical kits were also found by the media. The Taliban officials said that they had found several booby trap bombs in the rubble.

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