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Taliban forces stand guard inside Kabul, Afghanistan/Image from NDTV

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Taliban thinks of a new governing system with accountability for atrocities


Kabul: The Taliban said they will be accountable for their actions and will initiate an investigation on the atrocities and reprisals carried out by its member, reports Reuters. An official from the terrorist group also told Reuters that they are formulating a new model for governing Afghanistan within the next few weeks.

The official said that the new system of governance will no be a democracy by Western definition but will protect everyone's rights.

He declined to comment on the local media report that Mullah Baradar, the Taliban's political office chief, had landed in Kabul.

However, he said that the chaotic incidents at Kabul airport, involving thousands desperate to flee the country, was not the Taliban's responsibility but West's, who failed to implement a better plan to evacuate people.

Since the group took over Kabul last Sunday, without resistance, Afghans general public, international aid and advocacy groups have reported many incidents of cruelty, harsh retaliation against protests and roundups of those officials in the previous government and those who worked with Americans.

There were reports of people hiding from the Taliban in recent days while the group is conducting door to door searches. A family of 16 was described them running to the bathroom in fear, lights off, and children's mouths covered.

At the Kabul airport, armed Taliban militants urged people without travel papers to go back home. According to NATO and Taliban officials, at least 12 were killed here since Sunday. They told Reuters on Saturday that nearly 12,000 Afghans and foreigners working at embassies and international aid groups were evacuated from Kabul airport, since Sunday. The process is risky as they do not want any form of clashes with the Taliban or civilians outside the airport.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden was widely criticised for his faulty plan in withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. Criticisers claims that his sudden move helped the Islamist militants' swift takeover.

Biden responded that he had seen no question of their credibility from their allies. They are committing to what they said they would do. He promised that every American who wishes to would be evacuated.

But he has not extended the deadline, August 31, to evacuate Americans despite calls from the international level and home- from fellow Democrats and Republicans alike.

But he promised that he would work with other countries to set harsh conditions for the Taliban.

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