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Trump a defeated president, cares his bruised ego over his nation: Biden

Trump a defeated president, cares his bruised ego over his nation: Biden

Washington DC: United States President Joe Biden slammed former president Donal Trump for spreading a mesh of lies about the 2020 presidential elections and accused him along with his allies of putting the American democracy to imperil, The Guardian reported.

On Thursday, the day that marked the first anniversary of the January 6 insurgence into the Capitol building by Trump loyalists, Biden condemned Trump's efforts to cancel the election results and said he is a defeated former president who cares more to his bruised ego instead of US's democracy or constitution.

Though the attack on Capitol was contained, the conspiracies that brewed the violence persist, he said. He asked people to recommit protecting the nation's 200-year-old system of government. Great nations face the truth instead of burying it. Those who entered the Capitol that day were not tourists but armed rioters, and they were aiming to deny the people's will, he said.

In the Thursday event, Vice president Kamala Harris, who was present in the building during the Capitol riot, said that in addition to defiling the building, rioters assaulted the institution's values, ideals etc., generations of Americans earned and defended through their struggles. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said democracy had prevailed when members returned to Capitol to confirm Biden's electoral victory.

Meanwhile, Trump issued a series of statements maintaining his earlier claims that the 2020 elections were illegitimate, built on a big lie, and those won are leading the country to destruction. But a news conference he planned on the occasion got cancelled after pressure from Republicans.

The Guardian reports that the insurrection was Trump's desperate attempt to cancel the election results after the failure of a series of legal challenges as well as a pressure campaign. The rioters entered the Capitol with Trump's support and encouragement. The incident is considered the worst attack on the Capitol since the British burnt it in 1814.

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