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'Unproven vaccine' not a problem for the people in China; Thousands are flocking to get the vaccine

Unproven vaccine not a problem for the people in China; Thousands are flocking to get the vaccine

Beijing: With the first COVID case reported in Wuhan, China has completed one year a few days ago, health experts in China now have other concerns with the COVID vaccine. Vaccines which have not completed their trials and proven to be safe are being widely available and used in China.

According to the report of The New York Times, top officials and health officials speak proudly of being vaccinated. All vaccines developed in China have not been scientifically proven to be safe. In this situation, health experts are concerned about the widespread use of the vaccine by people in China. According to the report, thousands of people are abusing the policy that allows the use of the vaccine under trial during unavoidable circumstances.

Health experts point out that those who take vaccines that are not proven to be safe are more likely to have health problems in the future. It is believed that when a safe vaccine hits the market, it will not be given to those who have been vaccinated once before, and this will be a setback for such people. In many cities, documents are required to specify the emergency in which the vaccine is being taken.

Local governments in China say they are taking steps to make the vaccine available to more people. It is estimated that 500 doses were sold in an hour in the city of Yiwu. The vaccine costs $30 there. "I am relieved. It feels like I am safe now," said Ethan Zhang, who took the vaccine.

At the same time, it is not clear how many people in China had already been vaccinated. The government claims that they are collecting the details of those who have taken the vaccine. However, The New York Times reported that the government hasn't released any information on the same.

The government-owned China pharma company, Synofam, has revealed that they have vaccinated more than 100,000 people with the vaccines developed by them. The company also says that 56,000 people had gone abroad after receiving the vaccine and that none of them has contracted the virus. They have also claimed that the people who have been vaccinated have not experienced any other health concerns either.

A video of people staying in a long queue and getting vaccinated in front of the headquarters of Synofam was released a few days ago.

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