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US teen shooter launches video game, Intends to use the money to sue media

US teen shooter launches video game, Intends to use the money to sue media

Kyle Rittenhouse, a US teen shooter acquitted by the court, announced the launch of a video game centred on shooting targets. It is not clear when the game will be available for users.

The video game is called "the Kyle Rittenhouse fake news turkey shoot video game". A trailer of the game shows a cartoon version of Rittenhouse firing arcade-style. The targets are turkey characters labeled "fake news" from behind the cover. It is priced at $10.

He declared on social media that the money raised from the sale of his game will be used to sue "leftwing media organisations" for defamation over the coverage of his case. The targets in his video games are also journalists.

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The 19-year-old said in a video he tweeted that "it is time to fight against the fake news machine". He did not specify which media organisations he intends to sue.

Rittenhouse was accused of killing two men on August 25, 2020, during the anti-police protests in Kenosha. He shot dead two white men with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and wounded another. While the 17-year-old was accused of homicide, the jury accepted his argument that the minor was defending himself.

The incident took place during the protests against the murder of Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police officer Sheskey shot Blake four times in the back and three times on his sides. On January 5, 2020, County District Attorney Michael Graveley declined to bring charges against the police officer.

Rittenhouse travelled from Antioch, Illinois with a group of armed men who claimed to be in Kenosha to protect businesses from the riot. Prosecutors argued that Rittenhouse is an active shooter. After the jury's verdict, he said "self-defense is not illegal".

A 36-year-old unarmed man chased Rittenhouse into a parking lot and grabbed his gun. He was shot at close range four times. After being chased by a crowd, a 26-year-old man struck Rittenhouse with his skateboard. He was shot in his chest once. Another 26-year-old man was also shot at once in the right arm but survived.

US media had termed Rittenhouse a "white supremacist" and the trial "a sham". Before the shooting, his Facebook page endorsed a "Blue Lives Matter" campaign which was a countermovement to the Black Lives Matter movement. It gained significant momentum after the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota in May 2020.

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