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What was it? Mysterious object over Pakistan perplexes netizens

What was it? Mysterious object over Pakistan perplexes netizens

Islamabad: Unidentified Object or UFO spotting across the world is not new. Many have claimed of seeing mysterious objects in the sky leaving people to talk about aliens. A said to be UFO hunter in Pakistan has also claimed of spotting such an object hovering over the capital Islamabad.

The 33-year-old businessman Arslan Warraich was landing his drone when an object like black round rock was caught his sight. Spending over two hours and watching the multiple angles of the object that he had filmed in his camera, he said, he could only make shape of a triangle with a clear bulge on top towards the back out of the object.

Warraich's 12-minute video by now is a trend on the internet. He said, though solid was the object, sharp edges were not visible and neither so light reflecting was it nor emitting any light.

He is not sure about the identity of the object, but he is sure it was not a bird. In the video, he filmed, could be seen many birds make cross flies, showing the clear difference between them and the distant UFO.

"And it makes no sense for our military to be flying secret drones over a posh area of Islamabad where most of the army and Government officers live," quoted Warraich as said.

Those who watched the video on social media made perplexing as well as bizarre statement on the object. But an authentic statement from authorities over the incident has not come out yet.

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