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Why gun control is hard to happen in the US?

Why gun control is hard to happen in the US?

Washington: Not along after a teenager opened fire in a Supermarket in Buffalo, New York, another mass shooting in elementary school claims at least 19 lives in the US, forcing US President Biden to call for gun regulations.

Biden was just home from a five-day trip to Asia to attend Quad when the shooting in a Taxes school had the nation reeling from shock.

A visibly shaken Biden said at the White House responding to the incident that he was sick and tired, adding 'We have to act".

US Vice President Kalama Harris said " enough is enough' as well as urging for having the courage to take action," Our hearts keep getting broken", she said.

The Texas shooting is the worst of its kind happening at an elementary school since the 2012 Sandy Hook attack in Connecticut, where 20 children and six staff were killed, according to reports.

Armed with a handgun, AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, the 18-year-old went on a killing spree at Robb Elementary School in the city of Uvalde on Tuesday.

The teenager is suspected of shooting his grandmother before turning his gun to others he killed

The repeat of mass-shooting in the US chillingly reminds how unsafe the nation has become what with its lax gun control.

The recurring gun violence in the US throws up the question of gun control again, which will sharply divide along 'for and against' lines.

Back in 2016 when Obama initiated some measures to control guns, he was met with stiff opposition from Republicans.

Paul Ryan, House of Representatives Speaker, denounced Obama's move saying the executive orders bypassing Congress "Undermined liberty", adding that it would be challenged in court.

Back then, Donald Trump said, if elected, he would reverse Obama's executive actions for gun control.

Obama was responding emotionally to the recent Sandy Hook primary school shooting where 20 children and six adults were killed. Tuesday's Texas school shooting killed nearly as many people.

Obama's executive actions wanted to check background for all gun sellers, as well as removing exemptions to online sellers.

A slew of other measures included collecting information on people disqualified from buying guns.

Gun control has always been controversial in the US, where gun possession is reportedly constitutionally protected.

USA probably has the highest homicide-by-firearms rate in the developed countries with mass shootings happening every year.

Those arguing for gun control say limiting access to guns will save lives.

But those across the divide claim that the opposite would happen. Limiting access to guns stop the law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, they say.

Although, both Biden and Kamal Harris have emotionally appealed for gun control, it is quite hard to happen.

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