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Pro-Rousseff protesters gather throughout Brazil

Pro-Rousseff protesters gather throughout Brazil

Brasilia: Hundreds of thousands of supporters of suspended President Dilma Rousseff gathered in almost all the states as protests took place throughout Brazil on Friday evening.

The protesters shared the view that the impeachment process against Rousseff is a coup and wanted to express their displeasure at interim President Michel Temer, who replaced Rousseff, Xinhua reported.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Rousseff's predecessor and political mentor, participated in the protest held in Sao Paulo. According to organisers, 100,000 people attended the protest.

"The most important thing for the social movements gathered here is stopping the impeachment, stopping the coup," said Vagner Freitas, head of Brazil's largest trade union CUT.

Attendance reached 20,000 people in Rio, organisers said, where prominent politicians participated and citizens called for Rousseff's return to the office.

Other large protests occurred in major cities like Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Recife.

Rousseff has been managing to get a lot of support from the streets. Protests in which people support her and oppose both Temer and the impeachment process have been sweeping the country since the month Temer took office.

In addition, Rousseff's newest move -- attending an interview aired late Thursday in local governmental station TV Brasil -- may help her gather even more support.

Rousseff said the impeachment process against her represents a breakage of the democratic pact.

If she manages to get back to office, she will consult the population about the path national politics should take, Rousseff added.

That declaration, according to analysts, may get more senators to her side in the final voting of the impeachment process, which is expected to take place in August.

In order to impeach Rousseff, it is necessary to have two thirds of the senators' votes -- 54 out of 81 votes. Abstention or absence counts as votes against the impeachment.

The impeachment process managed to open with 55 votes of support in the Senate. However, since Temer took office, his actions have displeased some senators who have voted for the impeachment process, which may work in Rousseff's favour.

Rousseff has been travelling across the country to meet leaders and participate in political rallies, and her presence is always very celebrated.

In Rio, a recent rally organised by feminist groups gathered thousands of women to support the president.

Her travels have become more difficult as Temer suspended her use of official planes, alleging that she does not have official events to attend.

The Workers' Party, of which Rousseff is a member, then decided to charter a plane for her trips, but Rousseff said she would fly on commercial service or travel by land.

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