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Child smugglers should be punished

On Wednesday evening, Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram witnessed a partial ending to a protest like never before in the state It is one of the rarest of the rare occurrences that a mother has to spend more than a year climbing the stairs of the law enforcement agencies, the courts and the revolutionary progressive party, in despair to get the baby she gave birth to. It was the party, i.e, CPM which theorises that concepts like family and morality are reactionary religious viewpoints, and indulges in ridicule of advocates of religious morality, and the government machinery steered by that party, and the family including that party's leaders who abducted Anupama's new born baby and gave it in adoption to a couple in Andhra Pradesh. The struggle of the young woman and her partner against it has finally succeeded. The baby raised by a couple in Andhra Pradesh has been scientifically proven to be Anupama's. The court handed over the baby to Anupama.

Now that the baby raised by a couple in Andhra Pradesh has been proved to be that of Anupama, the question arises as to who abducted the baby. Who took away the child without Anupama's knowledge and permission, who assisted, who gave the snmuggled child to a couple from another state, who returned another child's DNA test results to Anupama when she went enquiring after her, who forged a permit in Anupama's name; several such questions are being raised. It has been proven that a serious lapse and crime have taken place. Now, it remains to be seen who committed the crime. They need to be prosecuted. Anupama has announced that the strike will continue till the culprits are punished – certainly a rational stand. It has become almost clear that the Child Welfare Committee, chaired by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and headed by CPM youth leader Shiju Khan, facilitated everything for this inhuman act. They did this to protect the reputation of a well-known party family. A paradox in this drama is that the head of the CWC found time also to give the baby boy a female name of Malala and put on progressive airs. It is when the state is ruled by a party that takes a stand against the crime of false honour that the party and all its government machinery colluded to commit this extreme act to protect the false prestige of a family. However, the CM is not yet ready to comment on the matter. The usual silence continues.

Anupama's struggle for the child and its success is an example of the fact that the state and the party cannot cover up reality and commit injustice just because they think so. Despite the fact that an almighty party and administration worked like an oiled machine against a mother and child, their conspiracies failed. These are moments that the media and civil society in Kerala should celebrate. For it is also the success of their interventions. It is certainly comforting that Anupama has got her baby. At the same time, all those who carried out the heinous act of smuggling her child and gave him in adoption in another state and those who were complicit in it explicitly and implicitly must be brought to justice and given the punishment they deserve. Naturally, Anupama's follow-up struggle too deserves the support of democratic advocates and the civil society.

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