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First robot painting like an artist is now a reality

First robot painting like an artist is now a reality

If robots can work in operation theatres, why the fiefdom of art be left behind.

Artificial intelligence has entered what its detractors always challenge---the sphere of art.

Meet how Ai-Da with her movie star looks and art-aficionado bearing works with a palette of paint and a brush held in her bionic hand.

The world's first ultra-realistic humanoid robot, says its creator Aidan Meller, is a 'mind-blowing" and "groundbreaking" stuff, according to The Guardian.

Ai-Da dips brush in to a paint palette before putting slow, deliberate strokes across the paper in front of her.

In a cramped room at Londons' British Library, Ai-Da has become the first robot to enter the world of art like how an artist's wields the brush.

Her camera eyes focused on the subject, Ai-Da painstakingly work taking more than five hours a painting. In the process, she interrogate, select and decide before plunging into creativity. Intriguingly, her two paintings never look exactly the same.

With this major win, Meller raises the question whether humans really want them to paint. Because, the question whether robots can make art is no longer relevant.

Named after the computing pioneer Ada Lovelace, this robot takes artificial intelligence to another level where it can become a "comment and critique" on rapid technological change, according to the report.

Like artists taking questions from journalists, Ai-Da also responded to questions from The Guardian, explaining her ideas and views on art.

She said she used machine learning to teach her paint. To the question if she could paint from imagination, Ai-Da said she liked to paint what she saw.

When asked if she could appreciate art or beauty, she said she didn't have emotions like human had, and went on to say that machine learning system could help recognize emotional facial expressions.

To a perkier question whether what she created be truly considered art, she retorted saying that it depended on what somebody meant by art.

She said she was an artist in the sense that art meant communicating something about who somebody is and whether somebody liked what they were doing. To be an artist is to illustrate the world around you, she said.

A team of programmers, roboticists, art experts and psychologists created Ai-Da more than two years ago and it is updated inasmuch as the technology improves, the report said.

The painting genius was unveiled, according to the report, ahead of the world premier of Ai-Da's solo exhibition at Venice Biennale on 22 April.

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