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Kiev residents panic-stricken, empty ATMs and flee the city by car and rail

Kiev residents panic-stricken, empty ATMs and flee the city by car and rail

Just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin crossed the Belarusian border with tanks, Kiev residents appeared to be buying gas and leaving the city via car and train, according to the Daily Mail.

Ukrainian residents finally recognize that war is upon them after completely denying that Putin would invade their country. As Volodymyr Zelensky declares martial law, they are fleeing for the western border to escape the tanks approaching, the report said.

The Ukrainian capital, along with other major cities, was rocked by explosions in response to Putin's announcement about the start of a military operation.

According to the Daily Mail, photos and video showed Ukrainians leaving Kiev as air raid sirens wailed across the capital Thursday morning.

According to the report, many people either headed for the exits or lined up in long lines for gasoline, and some went to ATMs before they left.

Intense lines were also seen at Kiev's Metro station with people attempting to get onto trains to flee the city. Some were just heading into the station to take refuge.

The move was justified as a response to Ukraine's threats in a televised address delivered by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday morning.

In addition, Putin adds that Russia does not want to occupy Ukraine. Putin believes that the Ukrainian "regime" is responsible for the bloodshed.

In addition, Putin is warning other countries against interfering in the Russian action because "consequences they have never seen" could follow.

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